Design +Drafting start-up tools

Here to provide help for the design process. If you're just learning drafting and need tools like details or are looking to build your dream home, We offer cad files and starter home design kits that can be the start of your dream home.


Do you want to design your dream home?

We are available to help you through the design process. Contact us about your potential project. and we can help you through the design to construction documents, depending on the need.

We offer Autocad downloads for the startup, the drafter looking to build up their catalog of construction details. As well as the person looking to design their own home.



ADA compliance

We stive to meet ADA compliance to be as inclusive as possible.

Environmentally Sound Choices

We are a digital studio that offers doownloads. We are a paperless studio in our efforts to support our environment.

We take requests

If you are looking for something specific, ask us and we will do our best to get you what you are looking for.